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Room 2 Typical Daily Schedule
Summer Program-Swim Days

Preschool (Ages 2.5 to young 4 year olds)

PreschoolThis program is the beginning experience for young children who enroll at Greenbelt Children's Center. Children are immersed in a nurturing and print rich environment, with an emphasis on social skills and individualized learning. Teachers plan for a wide variety of experiences in all domains: Language and Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Scientific Thinking, Social Studies, Physical Development, Personal and Social Skills and The Arts. Lesson plans are posted weekly so that parents are aware of all the planned activities, including weekly cooking projects and Show and Tell. We have found this to be an important communication tool for parents to help in discussing the experiences with your pre-school child at the end of the day. Activities are developmentally appropriate, learning through play, teacher directed and self selected activities. Children select Lending Library books that are signed out for parents to read at home and then return. Child assessment utilizes the Work Sampling System of observation and child portfolio development and Parent-Teacher conferences are offered twice per year. Extra programs your pre-school child will participate in include Spanish Language Classes, Music Instruction, Physical Education Instruction and an artist in residency program with Wolftrap for the Performing Arts, all included at no extra fee. The staff to child ratio is 1 teacher per every 6 children. Breakfast and afternoon snacks are served as well as the milk at lunch time, parents pack lunches from home. For information on enrollment and registration, please visit our Registration page.

Visit the MSDE's Healthy Beginnings website to find valuable information about childcare and child development, as well as fun, developmentally appropriate activities that build young children’s skills and promote all kinds of learning.

Pre-Kindergarten TopPre-Kindergarten

This program is for children who turn four by September 1st of the year entering Pre-Kindergarten. The program in Room 1 has enjoyed a special partnership with the Prince George's County Public School System through a Judith P. Hoyer Grant from the Maryland State Department of Education. In addition to the same parameters as the pre-school program (see above), this classroom will enjoy going on field trips, taking home Lending Library Books for parent to read to child. Special programs such as drama and literacy with Wolf Trap Early Learning for the Arts, InterAct Story Theatre as well as Yoga and Spanish. The Connect 4 Learning Curriculum is used in addition to other supplements, such as a classroom subscription to "Let’s Find Out Pre-k Edition" by Scholastic. Children in this program use a Management Board to plan for their daily work in the classroom learning centers. Two GCC Pre-K Teachers and a full time public school teacher from Prince George’s County Public School, work together providing a print rich and nurturing environment and were featured in a story by USA Today in December 2007. For information on enrollment and registration, please visit our Registration page. Enrollment for our public Pre-k begins in April each year. Income eligible families receive subsidy funds covering part of the day and families pay for the wraparound to accommodate working parent’s schedules and includes days that PGCPS is closed but GCC is open. Parent must complete the Scribbles Application process at and choose Greenbelt Elementary at the end. The Registrar at Greenbelt Elementary handles PGCPS Enrollment and keeps PGCPS records for each child in our public program. Parents must also complete all registration requirements for GCC at the same time, to be enrolled in this special program.


    Summer Program Top

Swimming at the poolYour child will have the opportunity to participate in a Summer Program, full of explorations, nature activities, arts and crafts, games, music and more, during the weeks that public school is closed. Planned activities include special weekly themes and Special Events such as Wolf Trap for the Performing Arts, Science Show, InterAct Story Theater, to name a few! Summer Activity Plans are posted to keep you informed of the daily activities of arts and crafts, science and nature, story time, group games, outdoor play as well as weekly cooking projects and reading for recreation Your child will go to the pool every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as part of the regular program at the Greenbriar Pool. Tuition is charged only for the weeks that you reserve in your written reservation schedule. A weekly non-refundable Summer Activity Fee is submitted with your schedule, in advance and covers additional staffing and lifeguard to make pool time safe and funds the cost of the Special Events and enriching Summer Programs.

   *Parent Testimonials*Top

Good morning, Mrs. Gee,
James, Devin, Leah and I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the dedication, effort, time, and love that you have shown our family over the years. Our children mean the world to us and it’s great knowing that we are leaving them in good hands when we drop them off each day. Some of you may know already but Devin left your center more than prepared for kindergarten. He is a gifted child, and skipped the first grade. He is a well rounded child and is doing excellent in school. My husband and I give GCC credit for this. Leah was a shy child with speech delays when she came to you all in August, 2012. NOT any more, she is progressing so well now in many areas. She loves coming to GCC everyday and often runs around our house calling out teachers names form GCC. Sometimes she calls me “Mrs. Mommy”. None of this would have been possible without the help of GCC staff and it’s coordination with Leah’s outside providers. You all have an invested interest in Leah and her achievements and it means so much to our family. With this being said, I thank you all again for your wonderful work and professionalism James and I hope that you have a great lunch and a happy holiday. Take Care……..The Vaughan Family.

       I have two kids at GCC and I'm so grateful for all the staff there. I really love the level of engagement that is expected *and provided* by the staff, students AND parents. The staff pays attention to the WHOLE person and not just the book learning aspect. A lot of times I don't even have to ask how my child's day went because I'm greeted at the door and given a glimpse of their day. I genuinely feel that at the kids' old school they were just as loved but the difference is my kids don't complain about being bored anymore. They are constantly challenged to grow academically, socially, creatively and sometimes physically. Each child is encouraged to be a leader throughout the week in countless ways and I don't remember learning to square dance until I was in grade school. There's a really warm, homey feel. I even heard one parent say yesterday that she always feels like taking off her shoes when she gets there. Who could ask for more than that? LOL THANK YOU GCC!
Nichole Baker

       My daughter started out in the preschool program (room 2) and I've been exceptionally pleased with her academic growth. She is now in Pre K and is still advancing at such a rate that is a daily surprise. She comes home speaking Spanish and 
French, saying the pledge of allegiance, describing new words she learned and their meanings and the list goes on! The teachers are GREAT, very passionate and caring. Kj loves her school! GREAT SCHOOL AND TEACHERS :) Thanks for getting Kalayah off to a GREAT start :)
Keelah-Demone Allen

      'My son' is now in Pre K with Ms. Jill and Ms. Johnson. He has been in the school since he was 2 1/2. We were new to the country and it was very hard for me to leave my son with people that I didn't know. Once I spoke with Ms. Gee I was convinced of the quality of the center. Every day it got better and better and saw how much my son was loving going to school. Now he is in Pre K and the experience is wonderful!!!
       I'm an Early Childhood teacher and know all the work that it takes to be a teacher and every time I pick up my son I see the passion and the love he receives. He always says that the best teachers in the world are Ms. Johnson and Ms. Jill and he always mentions them, all my family back home know them! I am and will be forever grateful for all the efforts and good education that my son has received from his teachers, it’s something he will have with him forever.
Nadia Rolon-Salicrup

Dear GCC Staff:
Thank you for being wonderful partners with us in the development of our children. We loved the social, academic, and emotional support that they received. They loved the activities, friends and loving attention. We wish you further success in all of your endeavors.
Sydnye & Michael

Testimonial PDF

Dear Mrs. Gee & the Staff of Greenbelt Children’s Center:
      I just want to take a few moments to express how extremely grateful I am to all of you for providing such an excellent children’s program.
      I am extremely over protective of my angel and am very selective about who I allow her to spend time with because I understand that the people around her will affect her character and development. While I dreaded the thought of sending her to a daycare program and desperately desired to homeschool her, life would not allow it. So I searched countless programs before I found your goldmine, and I must say, not a single one of those programs were anywhere near the same level or even worthy of being compared to Greenbelt Children’s Center.
      I send my daughter, Aaliyahmarie, to school every day without fear that she will be mistreated or neglected. She is always encouraged to find her own voice and use it to express herself in any situation. On a daily basis she is taught the importance of showing “acts of kindness” to others, conflict management skills, and how to navigate through her constant changing emotions. These and other important values about self and community reinforce the values that I instill in my daughter and will prove invaluable in every aspect of her life both now and in the future.
      I appreciate how nurturing and extremely attentive all of you are at catering to Aaliyahmarie’s individual needs with compassion and grace. Equally appreciated is the fact that no matter what time of day I enter the facility or how busy everyone is, I am always acknowledged and am always given whatever time I need to speak with any of you about questions or concerns that I may have. You all provide such a wholesome, family environment that skillfully nurtures, protects, and edifies the children and families of your program.
      This letter would never end if I were to list all the wonderful things that I love about Greenbelt Children’s Center. So I will conclude by saying that I truly thank God for each and every one of you. I pray that you will reap countless blessings 100 times over to compensate you for the countless blessings that you bestow upon me and my baby girl on a daily basis. You have been an extraordinary gift to my family, and I am forever grateful and indebted. Thank you just isn’t sufficient for all that you have done for us.

Stephanie D. Key, Proud mommy of Aaliyahmarie Key

"Dear Mrs. Gee, At the end of this second week of school I want to thank you and all the staff of Greenbelt Children’s Center for making Pre-K such a positive experience for Samantha. She comes home every day, proud to tell me what new thing she learned or what she’s done. She’s excited to go to school in the morning and has such a wonderful time there.

I especially want to highlight what a gem Ms. Johnson is. Sam tells everyone who will listen how much she loves her teacher, and will often demonstrate the right way to do things by quoting her. “Ms. Johnson says to hold your pencil like this!” She has come home every day this past week anxious to show me the words and sentences that she’s written during the day. She often wants to practice writing and has told me that she plans to write a book! Please thank Ms. Johnson for me. I am grateful for her dedication to the children, and I appreciate how she has inspired a love of learning in my little girl.
Sincerely, Petra Bradley"

"This is [my daughter's] ’s first week at the other school.. Let me tell you that I miss your center so much. The excellent service and care that GCC provided to [my daughter] and my family will never be replaced. I truly miss taking my princess to your school. I know that at GCC she was safe, loved and being educated the same way I would do at home. My husband and relatives feel the same way about your school. If I ever come back to the area of Greenbelt I will definitely take [my daughter] back to your center. Please give my best regards to ... your staff... "
~Former GCC Parents

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