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Statement of Inclusion:
Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment for all children without regard to race, color, sex, national origin or ability.


At Greenbelt Children's Center, we believe that the greatest gift we can give our children is a healthy self-concept. To that end, we strive to give our children a happy and encouraging atmosphere in which to learn and grow.

We believe that children should never be pushed to exceed the boundaries of their own individual developmental levels. We understand that the educational charts are merely guidelines and that each child progresses at his/her own rate. We believe in individualizing the program to meet the needs of the child and to encourage feelings of success as new skills are practiced and accomplished.

We believe that learning should be a joyous, happy experience. A positive self-concept is vitally important to success. If a young child develops good feelings about herself, if she is encouraged to think for herself, is presented with situations which stimulate her at her own developmental level in a warm, caring environment, has the reinforcement of competent teachers, and nurturing caring parents, then learning should be a natural extension of his environment. She will learn by experimentation, by inquiry, by testing the evidence of her senses and by meeting and solving problems as they occur.

Learning through play, is highly endorsed. Materials and equipment are appropriate for the child and are primarily aimed at developing perceptual, auditory, tactile, and manipulative skills - as well as problem-solving and thinking skills.

Learning takes place as a child discovers new things; as he/she experiences and experiments; makes decisions, accepts responsibility; recognizes and is sensitive to the needs of others, chooses friends, and finally realizes that he likes himself because he is SOMEBODY, and being somebody is important.

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