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Monday, October 29, 2012
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Monday, October 29

Please listen for announcements for the PG School System to determine whether the GCC will be open Tuesday.

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The Md State Dept of Education's Division of Early Childhood Development (DECD) publishes a variety of print and online reports concerning early care, education and school readiness. Now available for download PDFare:
Maryland's Pilot Preschool Programs
Maryland’s Preschool for All Business Plan (December 2009)

Grant funding supports
families accepted into the
Pre-Kindergarten Program
with breakfast and a 40% discount
on the weekly tuition!
NAEYC for Families
Help prevent Childhood Influenza Immunization
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Congratulations on NAEYC Reaccreditation
We invite you to view our
NAEYC Reaccreditation report.

Accredited by NAEYC's National Academy of Early Childhood Programs
Learn more about what it means
to be NAEYC Accredited:

NAEYC’s Guide for Families: Using NAEYC Standards to Find Quality Programs for Young Children PDF

We warmly welcome you and your child to Greenbelt Children's Center!

At the Greenbelt Children's Center, we encourage parent participation. We believe it is important for parents and teachers to work together, as this benefits the child. We have an open door policy and parents may visit any time.

You are your child’s first teacher! There are many ways you can help your child be ready for school. One way is to help your child with language & literacy. Learning to express needs & wants by talking, understanding others through listening and knowing about reading and writing are examples of language & literacy skills.

Learning these skills begins at birth. Here are five important areas: building language skills, learning about books and print, developing comprehension (understanding), learning about letters and learning about sounds in words.

When you support your child in these areas, he/she will be more likely to do well when starting school. Children who easily learn to read and write have had many experiences with books and language before school begins. As a parent, you can help build your child’s language and literacy skills and abilities. We are happy to be your partner in this and will offer parent learning opportunities so that you will become more skilled at being your child’s first teacher.

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