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Yes, we are open!Greenbelt Children's Center is currently enrolling four year olds for prekindergarten!
Greenbelt Children's Center is nationally accredited and has been offering a public prekindergarten program in partnership with Prince George's County Public Schools for 20 years. We are open and taking children from 7:30 am to 5:45 pm, for the support of our working parents.

Eligible families may be able to attend free or at a reduced rate. Daily temperature checks, health screenings and the protocols for keeping safe are in practice!
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The Prince George’s County Public *Pre-K program* will be offered onsite in person from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday, for working parents beginning August 31st. Funding is available for income eligible families. Families not eligible for funding will have enrollment opportunities if there are unfilled spaces on September 8th. This year will be an innovative hybrid program of virtual and in-person teaching and learning. Children must be age four by September 1st for Pre-k.

Capacity in the program has been greatly reduced from 60 to 39 children maximum, so spaces are very limited at this time to maintain safety. Space may be available for school-age children K-3rd grade to support online learning while parents are working.

Your Child's
Mental Health

It’s easy to know your child needs help dealing with a fever or a broken bone, but mental health problems can be harder to identify. The tricky part of parenting is knowing the kinds of behaviors and moods that are usual for the stage of development your child is in – and when your child has gone beyond the norm and needs help.
View and download the Family Resource Kit from The Children’s Mental Health Matters Campaign.

GCC Summer Program
Additional funding for the PGCPS Pre-k program is made possible by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services under the authority of Sections 14005 and 14006 of the ARRA and the Department of Education Appropriations Act, 2014

Working Hard for You
Our Center has been awarded the highest score possible from Maryland Excels: 5 check marks! Congratulations to our outstanding faculty for providing such excellent care and striving to continuously improve the quality of our program! We love our children and our parents, and will proudly continue to make the GCC the highest quality program possible.

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NAEYC Accreditation

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Accredited by NAEYC's National Academy of Early Childhood Programs
Learn more about what it means to be NAEYC Accredited:
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Greenbelt Childrens Center is licensed by the MSDE Office of Child Care
License #32977

We warmly welcome you and your child to Greenbelt Children's Center!

At the Greenbelt Children's Center, we encourage parent participation. We believe it is important for parents and teachers to work together, as this benefits the child. We have an open door policy and parents may visit any time.

You are your child’s first teacher! There are many ways you can help your child be ready for school. One way is to help your child with language & literacy. Learning to express needs & wants by talking, understanding others through listening and knowing about reading and writing are examples of language & literacy skills.

Learning these skills begins at birth. Here are five important areas: building language skills, learning about books and print, developing comprehension (understanding), learning about letters and learning about sounds in words.

When you support your child in these areas, he/she will be more likely to do well when starting school. Children who easily learn to read and write have had many experiences with books and language before school begins. As a parent, you can help build your child’s language and literacy skills and abilities. We are happy to be your partner in this and will offer parent learning opportunities so that you will become more skilled at being your child’s first teacher.

Maryland Excels
Greenbelt Children's Center has earned the following four Maryland Excels Achievement Badges!

1. Quality Business Practices
2. Asthma Friendly Child Care
3. Health and Wellness
4. Accredited Center

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